Top 5 Latest Valorant Skins

Top 5 Latest Valorant Skins

Valorant has one of the most beautiful skins in the first-person shooter space. The list brings a new approach to the skins in-game they come up with kill animation round finishers and whatnot the list of things that Riot adds in the skins is genuinely appreciable. They also keep updating us with new skins to empty our wallets with new cool skins now and then.

Today I’ll write about the top 5 latest skins in valorant that also are my personal favorites. This is going one of those valorant guides that are cosmetic and don’t affect gameplay as much. Like other riot games, valorant has tier-level skins. This means you can upgrade a single skin multiple to make it look different and unlock the finishers, but this doesn’t apply to all of the skins. So, let’s get through to the top 5 latest valorant skins.

1. Daydreams crowbar:

The skin kind of feels and looks like the OG Glitchpop 2.0. The knife does not glow itself but looks pretty dope. The knife costs around 2550 VPS (valorant points) but as you know valorant skin prices are not fixed and the night market appearance can also make an impact on the price of the skin. The gun has a futuristic look while keeping a little ghetto touch to it what more can I say it’s a knife it looks good in the hand and does the job like any other knife you would use. There are no perfect skins because different people have different opinions. And that is also the case in the Day Dreams collection’s knife.

2. Signature guardian:

The signature collection has been added super recently with episode 6’s Act II The Act also has many other cool and premium skin collections with lovely sfx and stunning finishers which will come later in this blog but for now, let’s talk about Signature Guardian. The skins do look quite exquisite and premium. The Guardian was the meta pre nerf 2021 but if you wanna try using Guardian again then you can consider getting this skin. The signature guardian is based on a variety of graffiti-like symbols, flowers, and geometric shapes. So, if you are into artsy things, I’m sure you’ll like this skin. The gun also offers some unique sounds sfx and stunning finishers to elevate your gameplay experience.

3. Venturi vandal:

Venturi vandal is also another good and subtle skin that is cheap and looks better than some premium skins. Venturi skin collection was added to the game in the most recent act 2 of episode 6. The skin was fairly received by the players. The aesthetics of the skin are quite subtle and in the face. The Venturi vandal also has a transparent side which you can see while inspecting it. Other than the transparency thing the skin also doesn’t have any recoil-suppressing feeling to it like other skins in the game have so if you’re comfortable with the default vandal you are good to go. Overall, the Venturi Vandal is stylish and has powerful skin that can be eye-catching. The design is practical and futuristic, and the animations and sound effects are satisfying. If you are looking for a Vandal skin that is different from the rest, then the Venturi Collection skin is a great option.

4. Spitfire Ghost:

This skin might be the oldest one on the list it was released back in episode 5 act 1 which was released back in June, but this skin is my personal favorite in this list and since we are talking about the latest skins in valorant this is its place in the ranking. The skin itself doesn’t have anything crazy going on. It’s a simple painting on the gun like the infamous Sakura collection. The looks good even with low graphics settings in the game. The Spitfire Collection features a futuristic, sci-fi design with bright neon colors and metallic accents. The gun was featured in the battle pass of episode 5’s Act 1 even now the skin is cheap to buy.

5. Champion 2023 Vandal:

The 2023 VCT master is over and Evil Guinness gets crowned the title of the world champion of valorant just like before Riot released a new collection of skin for the Valorant Champions tour. The vandal from the collection is also really good just like the whole collection but keep in mind that this bundle was a limited edition so you can’t buy it if you want to buy it now.

The unique feature that Champions 2023 vandal offers is that as more kills you get the brighter the skin becomes more and more ornate. The magazine becomes more elaborate, the barrel becomes more intricate, and the blue light becomes brighter. The final upgrade of the skin is that the whole skin evolved into a golden body and a swirling vortex of energy around the barrel. The gun also got some quite nice finisher to go with it When you’ll kill the last enemy in the round with the skin, the Vandal emits a massive beam of light that vaporizes the enemy’s body.